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A Confession.

I really like watching the Suite life on deck. LOL!

Yeap, a college boy who still likes watching kiddy (actually teen in my defense) shows.

There’s just something about travelling the world on a ship with your friends that appeals to me. The adventures, the sights, the troubles at sea, and detachment from mainland that sets a vibe of independence.

From then on, I’ve always dreamed of spending some time away on a ship, either for education or for worldwide community service. Which was why I wanted to join M.V. Doulos on their journey.

Now that I’m in college, I find myself in a more difficult position to even think about that. But then because of my nomination to join the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, I was informed of the Semester at Sea program.

           A floating university!

It’s literally a floating university. It’s as if I was meant to do something like this!

Well, this goes onto my bucket list! 

(I am slightly attracted to D3$$7 R7AN.. LOL.. there I said it.)

Stepping Outwards

Since August of 2011,    

I’ve been studying in Indiana University Bloomington taking a Bachelors of Science in Business majoring in Finance. 


It’s my second semester here. Though I miss home terribly, I’m having a good time here. I’ve gained more friends. Created and completed some of my goals.

Worst yet best of all, I’ve had new obsessions…  =P

Something New for the Following Chapters of Life


My name is Awangku Mohammad Fadhil Pengiran Ali.

                 I know.. A mouth full isn’t it? Call me Fadhil

Pronunciation: Adelle with an “F” in front, or Fidel, just switch the vowels around.

I’m from Brunei Darussalam, one of the last surviving Malay Monarchs. Officially,                              the Kingdom of Brunei Darussalam.


                 It’s a tiny place. =) Tiny, Peaceful and Beautiful

That’s what I love about it. 

SO, if there are any celebrities who are thinking of getting away to a place where paparazzi will never find you. Brunei’s the place. =D 

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